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Quick cutter series machine tools

Quick cutter series machine tools

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    1. Mechanical structure

    This machine tool is a precision wire cutting machine designed and developed by itself on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. The machine tool applies the relevant knowledge and conclusions of ergonomics. The model is dignified and beautiful, the structure is advanced, the dynamic and static precision is high, the structure is rigid, the thermal stability is good, the operation is simple and convenient, suitable for domestic production and user needs. The machine tool adopts a single-pillar frontal wire-traveling structure with a symmetrical structure, which is conducive to the improvement of thermal balance and the bearing capacity of the machine tool.

    The machine tool can use high-quality transmission components according to the user s specific processing accuracy requirements, such as Taiwan s HIWIN, THK, IKO, NSK, SKF and other famous manufacturers of screw, guide rails, bearings and other transmission components. In addition, the machine can also be equipped with a high-pressure multi-stage filter water tank developed by the company and an anti-fog, waterproof and environmental protection shell. The application of the high-pressure multi-stage filter water tank designed by our company is on the one hand conducive to prolonging the service life of cutting fluid, on the other hand it is conducive to protecting the maintenance of machine tool cutting fluid pipelines, water nozzles and other components, so as to ensure that the machine tool can Under the premise of changing the cutting fluid, the processing quality of the machine tool is guaranteed. The environmental protection shell designed and developed by our company is unique in appearance and beautiful, and fully considers the convenience of machine tool users in the operation of threading, tightening and changing the height of the wire rack. The application of this environmental protection shell is beneficial to the environmental protection of the workshop and the protection of machine tool electrical appliances. The effect of moisture is not received to prevent its breakdown and damage.

    2. Electrical and control aspects

    This machine tool has independent independent intellectual property rights in electrical appliances and control. The machine tool s motion control card and other core control components are completely independently developed, with high robustness, suitable for the processing characteristics of wire cutting machine tools, fast processing speed, optimized process sequence, strong logic processing ability, and strong anti-interference ability. The operation control system also has power-off memory, data storage and other functions to ensure that data will not be lost in the event of a sudden power-off during processing, and processing will continue after power-on. In addition, the electronic control system fully considers the operation safety, and the operation is carried out according to the operating instructions of the machine tool. There will be no safety accidents such as personal injury or damage to the machine tool, and the user can use it with confidence.

    3. CNC system and software

    CNC system software is mainly the main program software used for drawing, programming and generating G code or 3B code. The software can be run on the DOS platform, it can also run on XP and other systems. The software system is stable, reliable and powerful. The drawing data is entered interactively in a graphical menu, which is concise and clear. In addition to the automatic programming of conventional graphics, various standard and variable gears, internal and external cycloid gears, and input parameter equations or point data can be quickly and automatically programmed. Among them, the programming control system uses a famous brand Lenovo series host, equipped with a cutting programming control card (CAD or HF software), with three-dimensional four-axis linkage processing function, automatic centering, power failure memory recovery processing, multiple cutting, arbitrary angle rotation, step Into the motor for protective adjustable speed-limiting idling, reverse cutting, short-circuit retreat, broken wire protection, taper processing, up and down special-shaped cutting, real-time tracking display of the processing trajectory, three-dimensional modeling of working contour, any segment from a complete graph From the start of processing to the end of any segment, control functions such as automatic shutdown at the end of processing